Why I Recommended an IPhone

Why I recommended an iPhone

I’m disheartened to admit that I’ve just had to recommend a current iPhone user upgrades to another iPhone instead of switching to Android.

Reasons high-level reasons were;

  • They already know iOS, so little to no learning curve.

  • They’re a power user, not a “geek”, so availability of apps & media is probably more important than customisation. (There is no equivalent to iTunes for obtaining Movies, TV shows, and Music in one place on Android outside the US, and many main stream apps appear as iOS first releases in the UK)

Another reason I couldn’t recommend an Android ‘phone to them was a little more uncomfortable to admin. Out of the Android 2.x devices I have, I’ve experienced issues with them all which my wife’s iPhone doesn’t seem to encounter;

  • Optimus 2X - Random reboots

  • Optimus 3D - Random reboots, v. slow camera initialisation, signal reception issues

  • Sony Ericsson X8 - UI that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, power issues (it drains the battery if I’m developing on the device even on a 1100mA USB port).

  • Motorola Defy - Problems with signal reception/speaker (not sure which, either way it’s bad due to either design or factory QA)

  • HTC Wildfire - Slow enough to be painful.

  • Galaxy Tab 7 (the original one) - Too big to be a ‘phone, due to be obsolete shortly, had issues with lock ups in the browser.

  • Dell Streak - Too big to be a proper ‘phone, now out of production

  • Nexus One - Lack of full multi-touch which is apparent in Google maps, now out of production

(Signal reception issues are for phones where I get no signal in places I can with other ‘phones using the same SIM).

Some people I’m sure will say the Nexus S, but I’ve seen one of those give up the ghost and refuse to work with ADB which gives me QA concerns, or the Galaxy S, but there’s an NFC version due out soon, so I wouldn’t want to recommend purchasing something which will be superseded in a matter of weeks or a couple of months.

The thing that topped it off for me was that I keep finding I got back to my WinPhone 7 HTC HD7 when I’m between ‘phones as opposed to picking up another Android device. The main reason is it’s reliability and simplicity.