The "Joys" of a New Home

This is just a warning to anyone out there thinking of purchasing a newly built house; Get a full structural survey!!!!

My wife and I recently moved into our new house which was built by Crest Nicholson, to start with Crest finished the house over three months later than originally stated, and after a few weeks in the property we have discovered a hole in the concrete kitchen floor, had to have several leaks in the plumbing fixed, we currently have a section of plasterboard missing where the tradespeople put screws through the central heating pipes (three confirmed places, one further suspected hit is to be checked shortly), and we have a surveyors report saying that the paint on the exposed parts of the roof is flaking and will, most likely, cause the wood to rot within the next five years.

We’re awaiting the final surveyors report (there were enough problems with the roof alone to justify a separate 20 page report), so the blogging may be thin on the ground as I arrange, wait for, and let in several tradespeople to fix all the things wrong with our brand new home.

(btw, if you think we just got a dud, the three other houses around us have had Crest Nicholson people through several times to fix their problems)