Announcing SMSmail - The Psion SMS Communications Package

You can now send and receive Internet e-mail from your Psion 3a using your SMS link and Nokia 2110 mobile ‘phone!

By connecting your Psion to the ‘phone using the SMS Link cable SMSmail software allows you to send messages to the Internet via the Airmail® service. Suddenly your Psion turns into a powerful Internet communicator!

SMSmail Screenshot


  • Send and receive standard SMS messages and files from Psion to Psion or Psion to compatible mobile ‘phone.
  • Together with an Airmail® subscription, SMSmail allows e-mail, text, and Word files to be sent or received directly to or from the Internet.
  • Overcomes limitations of standard SMS technology allowing messages of longer than 160 characters to be sent or received.
  • Contains Address Book with ‘phone numbers, Internet addresses, and fax numbers (if SMSgate enabled).
  • In-Box and Out-Box which easily display sent and received e-mails and messages.
  • Smart Messages that allow easy querying of SMS value-added services such as Lottery results, language translation, weather, financial market news, etc.

Pricing (ex. VAT)

29.99 UK Pounds for version on PC disk (to transfer to Psion - requires PsiWin or similar software)

39.99 UK Pounds for version on Psion SSD (solid state disk)

Add 19.99 UK Pounds for SMS Link cable.

Email Dynamical Systems Research to place your order, or fax it to DSR on +44 171 584 5442.