OUYA at 499 Games

Occasionally I look over the OUYA website, and today it had a nice looking number in the top right. Milestones like this make me believe what OUYA have achieved is pretty special; Afaik there are no other shipping #Android consoles which have built up a store of nearly 500 titles focused on the console platform from scratch, and it’s been less than a year since developers started getting their hands on hardware.

I’m sure that there’ll be some who’ll say that not every game is worthy of being counted in their eyes, but the thing to remember is that the idea behind OUYA was to provide a platform where anyone could publish any game they wanted to (the only requirements were based around ensuring users could actually play it). So even if there are games which you don’t think are worthy of your time you may find the developer has a community of followers who love it, or they’ve used it as a stepping stone to refine their future game development plans.

So here’s to the next 499 games in the OUYA store :).

OUYA Website