Orange Customer (Dis-)Service

After Orange coming up with a sensible solution to the “fun” of not existing in experian and equifaxes databases due to moving to a newly built house, they’ve unfortunately shown how not to treat a customer, and here is their special recipe.

In order to prove to Orange that the house I live in existed I was asked to obtain a bank statement which showed my name and the current address. This took about a week, wasn’t too painful, and was duly faxed over to Orange. I was then told it would take about 24 hours to process the account application.

After a week of hearing nothing I phoned back, only to be told “Oh, we need a five pounds security deposit from you which will be credited to your account”. Now this is the first mistake, if any company wants a customer to do something then you should make the effort to contact them, not wait for them to phone you.

I gave my debit card details to the customer services person and watched my bank account for a couple of days and saw the money go from my account, so I thought all was well.

After another week I still hadn’t received a SIM, so I thought I’d check in on how the application was going, and found that Orange had taken then money but “The order had not been properly progressed on the computer”. At this point I gave up and decided to take my business elsewhere.

One mistake is acceptable, because it happens, but to fail to contact me to inform me they required a deposit, then to take the money and fail to process the order is simply showing contempt for me as a customer, and as a result I’m now going with O2.

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