Marking Apps on Googles Android Market

There seems to be a lot of variation on how many stars people give an application on Googles Android Market. Some give 3 stars for an app they find hard to use, others give 1 star because the developer chose not to make the applications source code available (even though this doesn’t affect the application as delivered to the user).

I’m trying to stick to the following marking scheme and would welcome comments and feedback as to any changes people think would make sense. Everyone is welcome to follow this scheme if they want to, and hopefully the idea will bring a bit of consistency to the market ratings;

1* - Fundamental problem (i.e. crashes or needs permissions it shouldn’t such as Internet access for a non-net aware app). 2* - Works but very limited (i.e. missing fundamental feature such as date tracking on an accounting program) 3* - Works but is hard to use and/or missing some features I’d like to see (i.e. has a complex user interface ). 4* - Works but I find minor things I’d like to see in the first few minutes of use (e.g. touch screen keypad for a pin entry screen or minor user interface peculiarities). 5* - Works and it takes me a while to think of anything that I’d want to see added.

Does this seem a reasonably way of marking applications?