I/O 2012

I’d be interested to hear peoples thoughts on going to IO next year. Last year was the first year I went and, although it was a fantastic experience, I’m in two minds about going this year.

Basically my thinking is;

Sessions; Useful but streamed so I could see them anyway

People; Largely thought provoking, but I could meet most of them at more local events.

Giveaways; They have monetary value, but aren’t enough of a reason for me to go (I hardly use the giveaways from IO2011).

Then there are the down sides;

Cost; The new dates mean I’m looking at a £1500 bill for hotel & flight

Time out; It’ll be roughly 5 days with little time to do other things.

Marketing; There is a lot of useful content, but there is a lot of Google marketing where things are presented but either aren’t global products or aren’t delivered upon for months (e.g. Voice, Movie rentals, Android upgrade “guarantee”, Android@Home)