Google Ordering Process Fails

Looks like Google have done it again; Completely f’ed up when writing a simple order management system.

I’m seeing numerous reports from people who ordered #Nexus4 ’s after me and were told it would arrive in “4-5 weeks” that they’ve received their ‘phones, which my order (made about 3 minutes after the 4th of Dec restock, with a “1-2 week” estimate) is still sitting in “Pending”.

Every #IO ticket ordering session for the past couple of years has been a disaster, the initial #Nexus4 seemed to be a road crash, and this time, although you could order, the order execution process seems to be completely screwed, and in traditional Google style, all you have is an email address to get an answer from and, if they deem you worthy, you might actually get a reply.

Personally I’d ordered the #Nexus4 as a Christmas present for someone who was tempted by an #iPhone . I thought I’d see what their response was, let them use it for a while, and, if they didn’t get on with it, I could use it for dev and get them the iPhone they wanted having seen where they thought the weak points in Android were.

Given what’s happening I now have no faith that Google will deliver on the estimate (i.e. in time for Christmas) so I’m going for the only safe option; Cancelling the order and going out to buy an #iPhone . It makes me sad that I’ll have to do this, but given the choice of trusting a Google order management system, or trusting having a ‘phone in my hands, I can only see one safe choice for Christmas.