Google Glass Hardware

Maybe I’ve been looking in all the wrong places, but it seems no-one has raised an issue with the current iteration of Project Glass hardware; The uncertainty over the future of its' CPU.

All the reports I’ve seen say that the current hardware is running an OMAP 4430 and TI announced last year they were winding down their smartphone and tablet orientated OMAP chips, which is the segment where the 4430 lives (see

This, to me, indicates that a shift in chipset would be needed to guarantee the long-term, high volume, availability needed for a large scale consumer roll-out, which in turn means that the performance characteristics of Glass could change before the first consumer buys it.

Given the current iteration is based on an OMAP 4430 it’s likely that any change would improve performance in many areas, but, personally, I’d hope to see another round of developer hardware which uses the same chipset as the consumer version so developers can make use of any additional features which get introduced.