Charging the Nexus 10

It charges from a Micro-USB connector which is, for Samsung, a huge step in the right direction.

The feel of the device reminds me very much of a Xoom. The rubber back is a good touch (I can’t count how many samsung tablets I’ve had slip around in my hands).

In terms of setup, it still disappoints me that Android doesn’t show the MAC address when you set up WiFi for the first time. My network has a MAC address access control list and there is no way to find the Mac address or skip the WiFi setup meaning that I have to disable the ACL, add the device, find its' WiFi Mac, and then re-enable the ACL, which is a pain.

It came pre-setup for the account I ordered it through on Google Play, so all I had to do was enter my password, which was a nice touch. It seems to be confusing itself with Asus TF700T though because upon first login it tried to install all 27 apps that had been installed on that, which will take it a while :(.

The screen, well, I’ve got to be honest, it hasn’t wowed me. Maybe it’s because of Androids auto-scaling, maybe it’s being used to a 1920x1200 TF700T, or maybe it’s my old eyes, but nothing has made me go “Wow, this is it”, but as I had the same reaction to a retina v non-retina iPad that could just be more about me than anything else.

The main interesting point is the price. For the money it’s a pretty good tablet. If you’re after a new 10" tablet I’d say it’s a no-brainer, but it’s not one I’d go out and buy if you have a 10" tablet you’re happy with.